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Sep. 5th, 2006 @ 07:49 pm
Nightshine RetrospectiveCollapse )

Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 04:20 pm
1. All comments invisible (screened).
2. No email forwarding
3. IP logging turned off.

If there is something that you should tell me about, I am listening.

The Night the Rain Stopped Jan. 13th, 2006 @ 05:28 pm
Sorry I haven't been posting so much. Its been busy this semester!
I just realized that I have six classes left until I graduate. I'm in four right now, meaning that if I pick up two this summer, I will be out of here. I am stunned and incredibly pleased.

Coon Wars!Collapse )

Ringing the Changes Jan. 8th, 2006 @ 03:41 pm
Happy New Year!

Since this is my first post this year, I wanted to do a fast retrospective of my favourite entries for the two years that I have had this journal. This is not a complete list or the entries that got the most comments- but are just some of my favourites. Please keep in mind that some time has gone by since the odyssey.. :)

Hope the year is going well!

http://www.livejournal.com/users/nightshine/37719.html The Super Deluxe Room

http://www.livejournal.com/users/nightshine/37360.html California Strawberries

http://www.livejournal.com/users/nightshine/2004/07/24/ A Summer Odyssey

http://www.livejournal.com/users/nightshine/11163.html Old School Nightshine

The Lightness of Being Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 02:50 pm
All over the island, the sun is out. Its in the yard, where the cat was prowling around and her dark fur became shot through with auburn. Its glittering off the ocean a short trek away. Sun is spangling the rotten apples that are fat and falling apart beneath my neighbour's tree- the dead songs of September.

Yesterday on campus people had rolled up sleeves and unzipped winter jackets. Exams are almost over. Most of my friends are heading "home"- taking ferries and then busses all the way into the heart of the Interior, or catching sky trains into great tall Vancouver, with its close buildings and seasonal hustle.

I'm going for a walk to the beach with my camera. I usually leave town in December, when the dark presses in on us and the long nights are quiet. This year, almost by accident, I am still here, only to be surprised by this week of daffodil light.

Welcome to my hosannah.
Other entries
» Saanich, CA
So finally the semester is ending! (yay!!!) I am still working on my godforsaken (sorry for that) final website. I've kind of maxed out on my topic, but I'm doing my best..

I don't know if I will get time, or if it is feasible, but this course is being offered in my area: http://recreation.saanich.ca/reconline/Activities/ActivitiesDetails.asp?ProcessWait=N&aid=32544"

Introduction to the wonderful world of bees. Providing the basic knowledge to manage a colony of bees. Theory, practice and technique will be covered in this 10 week course. Includes two Saturday field trips to work on hives.

Its being offered my local rec centre and the classroom is in a high school that is a fifteen minute walk from my place. Its on Tuesday nights from 7 to 9. I am so tempted, although I keep having visions of bees swarming into my hair, chasing me around the neighbourhood, or falling off precariously balanced ladders while I am managing insects. I did casually ask my brother if he would be open to having hives on the property and sharing "liquid gold". He gave me a snarky grin and then began wondering aloud whether he could keep a Doberman in my suite. I guess he doesn't think we're that rural ;) Its not that likely that I would have room in my schedule for such a consuming project but you can certainly tell how bored I've been of late. Obviously I haven't been risking my life enough this year! =)

But before I found the bee course, I did notice some other wacky recreation offeringsCollapse )
» Two blondes and a brownie =)
So my distance course books arrived. They're pretty heavy. I realized that the course was cheaper than I had thought because the cost includes textbooks, which usually end up running from $75 to $150. Niiice.

Tonight I am working on my website for my web design class. There is so much to do, and so little time all of a sudden :) I just realized that its the last week of classes.

Some of my girlfriends and I went out to the hair salon yesterday. We had a great time, and they got to touch up their blonde. It was pretty hilarious. When they walked in, they had different shades of blonde hair, and when we left their hair colour was identical. They started to look like sisters, because they had inadvertently chosen similar colour treatments. I think that one of my friends had toner in her hair so when it washes out it will lighten up a bit- and hopefully create some variation. I mentioned the similarity and they both started laughing and joked about how they couldn't be seen together because they were wearing the same outfit, so to speak.

I actually feel a bit bad for girls who have light (or dark blonde) hair and just need some colour to look authentically blonde. You can't resist getting it done, since you will look exactly like a true blonde, but all of the hair dyes are crammed with carcinogens. jdnoa was telling me that the dye preparations have to use a special chemical to penetrate the hair shaft, and because its designed for this it can't help but penetrate the scalp as well. As a result, all hair dyes increase your cancer risk if you are exposed to them on a regular basis.

With my skin and "midnight hair", I would look ridiculous as a blonde, so thankfully don't need to be concerned with this, but this story is kind of reminding me of the whole sun damage/ cancer/ tan fiascos that were so big in the '80s.

As a side note, I also didn't realize how long it took to dye hair! I got a nice cut and then wandered across the street to go shopping. I bought a couple of things that I needed at the mall and headed back well over an hour later- convinced that everyone had given me up as a bad job and already headed out of there. But the girls were still at it, with tinfoil in their hair and painting and at least another forty minutes to go. They were holed up in the salon for about four hours ;)

Looks like I'm getting deep conditioning on our next visit- that should kill some time! :)
» What a Freak Show
And herein I am referring more specifically to: http://web.bcnewsgroup.com/portals/monday/

and to the profile of Denis Oliver at the bottom.

His 238 votes were fewer than half as many as the next-to-last finisher.

What I want to know is, who were the 238 people who voted for Oliver in the last city election? 238 people are walking around in the City of Victoria, population 148,000, who support the following:

One candidate in the Victoria municipal election describes himself on the British Spanking website as "a life-long patriarchist seeking a permanent live-in slave." In a profile published on the fetish site, Denis F. Oliver says, "I believe that females exist to serve males."
Oliver, who is running for a seat on the Victoria city council, uses his full name on the site and includes his 1956 birthday as well as his location in Victoria. His list of interests includes, "patriarchy, politics, the environment . . . computers, bicycling, physical fitness."

He has also posted to at least three other sex or fetish sites, including rating videos using "Denis F. Oliver's spanking scale."
Asked about his online activities, Oliver says, "I'm an anti-feminist. I'm a patriarchist. I think feminism is detrimental to mankind."
In a later e-mail he elaborates, "I believe that the place for women and girls is in the home performing housekeeping and childcare duties. Although this may cost me votes, I won't lie or be deceitful."
It's not as though Oliver is likely to have a whole lot of votes to give away. Well-known as a counter-protester at Take Back the Night marches, he ran in 2002 and finished last out of 24 people. His 238 votes were fewer than half as many as the next-to-last finisher.

» Soo.. How is YOUR living situation going? ;)
I can only qualify this by saying that I have had some of the best roommates ever as well. I've had roommates that I woke up at three o' clock in the morning to tell them about my night, housemates that threw a birthday party for me after I had moved out, harmoniously shared a townhouse with a girl that helped teach me to climb, and lived with sweethearts that drove me places or shared stories and food.

BUTCollapse )
» Down the Rabbit Hole =)
I get sent pictures of climbers quite a bit, now that the summer season is on. It seems like every couple of weeks my guy friends have scoped this wall or that wall, and there are some really stunning shots. This particular picture is from my friend Steph who isn't actually a climber and did something a little different this time and went caving last weekend in Tahsis, BC. Her crew had a great time and the walls of this place totally reminded us of the inside of a human intestine when we checked out this shot after she got home. I thought you guys might appreciate seeing it. Its not the most flattering picture of her (in fact, its terrible- she's a lot better looking in person) but she's definitely got a grin on her face.


The Tahsis SmileCollapse )

I'm just heading out to climb a local hill with a friend in the dark. As I have been mentioning, I have sort of let my fitness level slip over the past year and a half. However, quietly and carefully, I think that I am starting to find my way again :)
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